a color photo

a color photo

How It Works?
You choose a favorite picture (pictures) that you want to preserve and give as a gift to your loved ones and send it to me.
I turn it into the desired gift: a picture on a magnet or picture on a wooden surface and sends you the gift.

Can I attach multiple pictures?
Anything is possible, you can attach pictures, but you must take into account that there will be too many pictures
So that you do not get a busy picture.

Can I add caption?
You can add any captions according to your wishes, at no additional cost.

How is an image created in an ancient shade (sepia)?
You can send a color photo that I will turn into sepia or black and white.

Where do you send your photos?
If you have digital pictures, send me an email: magnetim@runbox.com.
If you have regular photos, you can send them to me in the mail (I will send them via phone).

How long is it ready?
The work takes only a few days (2-3 working days).

How do you get the job? Some options:
Collecting the work from my home in Ramat Gan.
Meeting in Tel Aviv area.
Regular mail delivery – 10 NIS Registered mail – 15 NIS.

Any discounts?
Yes, to buyers in bulk, such as: parent committees, horticulture, etc.

How is the payment made?
The payment can be mailed to me or deposited into my bank account.

Are there other products?
There are many other products. These products are presented in a personal meeting.

09/09/2017 by Magnetim.info